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Hello My name is Meryle Frame and I have lived at North Sunshine which is 20 minutes drive from the city of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia since 1963
I have a Husband and three children and our Cattery Name TOMELIMA is derived by using the first 2 letters of our first names: TOM. MEryle. LIsa and MAndy/MArk.
We joined the Feline Control Council of Victoria in 1977 and began showing Siamese as an interest for the children. We started with a Seal Point Neuter pet and later bought a Blue Torti Point as a friend for him. "Just one litter" was the plan; famous last words as 25 years later I am deeply involved in the Cat Fancy.
We were introduced to Orientals in 1980 when we aquired a Chocolate Female for Mandy's birthday. A year later we introduced a Foreign White Female into our cattery.
run3.jpg I mated our Blue Torti Point to a prominant English Import and she produced one kitten by caesarian; a Lilac Tabby/Torti Point, Tomelima Phueng who became our foundation brood queen who has produced many well known cats in Australia. She was a great family member and would let only members of the family handle her, for this reason she never obtained a title. She was very protective of the children and growled like a German Shepherd if she thought there was any danger.
run2.jpg Our Queens live in the house and we have built an extention on the back of the house for the kittens and as a play area for the Queens and their babies. I like to keep the numbers of my breeding cats to between 6 and 10 allowing for one or two desexed cats and 3 stud cats. This allows for 2 or 3 breeding queens and maybe a couple of kittens to "run on".



Sally is our red toy poodle and is our cattery supervisor. She loves all the cats and they love her. When she is not overseeing the cattery operations she is lazing on the couch or travelling over to her hairdresser in Toorak for her special "do"


I was registered with FCCV for many years, except for a short time when I was with the Democratic Cat Council in the late 1980's where, in 1989 with the help of family and friends, I formed the Sunshine Cat Club. When I rejoined the FCCV in 1990 this club, along with it's 30 members came with me.

I am now currently registered with Governing Council of the Cat Fancy Victoria (GCCFV) .

I have twice been Treasurer of the North Western All Breeds Cat Club.  I was Treasurer of the now defunct Judges Association.

judge.jpg In 2004 I became a fully qualified Group 1 judge. I qualified as a Gp 2 judge in 1993.

The Frame Family have had many successes on the show bench over the years achieving many major awards and breeding Cat, Kitten and Neuter of the Year.





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